Handmade Chef's Knives

Our handmade chef's knives are your go-to for all-round food prep. We make them in a range of sizes, from 6 inches to 12 inches. No matter the size, our handmade chef's knife will likely be your first choice for a whole host of kitchen tasks such as chopping, slicing and dicing veg and slicing and mincing meat. Our chef's knives are designed to be great all-rounders but are especially good at slicing meat and tackling veg due to their thin edge geometry. If you're wanting to tackle frozen food, bones or other hard items we'd recommend using one of our cleavers.

We make chef's knives from both high carbon and stainless steels and use a wide range of durable and good looking handle materials. If you can't see exactly what you're after, get in touch; we may have something in the works that's just right for you. All our chef's knives are proudly handmade in our little workshop in Preston, UK.