Choosing the right kitchen knife for you

A good knife won't be cheap to buy but as the adage goes, buy right and you buy once. When it comes to choosing a knife there are lots of options and points to think about...have a browse through the guide and hopefully, by the end of it, you'll have a good idea of what type of knife you need (or more likely want).
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High Carbon Steel Vs Stainless Steel

Ever wondered what the difference is between high carbon steel and stainless steel? The tldr is that it all comes down to definitions and chemical compositions. For a steel to be classified as 'stainless' it needs to have a chromium content of 10.5% or more. For a steel to be classified as 'high carbon' it needs to have a carbon content above 1%. 

There are stainless steels that have carbon contents higher than 1% - technically making them 'high carbon' steels too. Confusing right? Read on to find out more.

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How to care for a high carbon steel kitchen knife.

High carbon steels can make for fantastic kitchen knives. igh carbon steel typically takes and holds a very sharp edge which is needed for kitchen knives to cut cleanly. Some high carbon steels can also develop a hamon when heat treated in a specific way. If done correctly a hamon can look beautiful and add real character to the appearance of any knife. Plus in many cases carbon steel knives can outperform stainless steel knives in common kitchen cutting tasks. However there has to be a drawback and in the case of high carbon steel it comes in the form of rust. Read on for some tips on caring for your handmade high carbon kitchen knife.
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