Handmade Steak Knives For L'enclume Restaurant

Steak knives for L'enclume

We recently had the honour of being commissioned to design and make a range of steak knives for the world-renowned Michelin starred restaurant L'enclume based in Cartmel in the English Lake District.

The team at L'enclume wanted the design to draw on the unique history of the restaurant and the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District. We wanted to create a design that reflected the amazing levels of passion, care and attention that the team at L'enclume put into all their work. It had to blend design and function perfectly and needed to fit alongside the other cutlery that had been chosen for the place settings.

After weighing up tens of different material options, the team decided to use some stunning English Ash burr (burl) for the knife handles. The wood was stabilised to ensure that it would stand up to the rigours of constant use and maintain its stunning looks.

L'enclume Steak Knives

The wood was set against resin bolsters that were filled with natural material from the forest floor, including twigs, moss and leaves. This design choice was a nod to the restaurant's surroundings and was a fantastic material to complement the look of the wood.

The blades were made from stainless, high-performance cutlery steel and hot stamped with the restaurant's anvil logo.

The combination of the high-performance steel, natural handle materials and carefully considered proportions made for a stunning result. We only hope that people enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making them.

A small number of these knives will be available to purchase from the L'enclume shop in Cartmel.

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