4 1/2 Inch Stainless Steel Paring Utility Knife

4 1/2 Inch Stainless Steel Paring Utility Knife

This handmade stainless steel paring knife is crafted from Swedish 14c28n stainless steel which takes a really sharp edge. It's also quite easy steel to sharpen and holds its edge well.

It's been heat treated, including being cooled to below -76 deg celsius, to achieve a hardness of approximately 60 rockwell. This is harder than typical (factory produced) western knives. This means that the knife will hold a sharp edge for longer. It's also ground thin which improves the ease of cutting.

The handle is made from a piece of stabilised poplar burl wood. The bolsters are made from a blue material called g10; a highly durable mix of resin and fibreglass. For added contrast, a thin liner of white G10 material is also used. The handle is held together with aerospace grade epoxy and stainless steel pins. 

The blade is approximately 11.5 cm (~4 1/2 Inches) long and the overall length is approximately 25.4 cm (~10 inches). It's super comfy in both small and large hands.